VIDEO: Cop Under Investigation After Concealed Carry Arrest

This unbelievable act took place a couple of years ago (June 2011) in Canton, Ohio

Canton police are investigating a verbal altercation between an officer and a driver who had a concealed carry permit for a gun.

Officer Daniel Harless was placed on administrative leave after the incident on June 8th 2011, according to Police Chief Dean McKimm.

Dean McKimm

By law in Ohio, drivers who are legally carrying guns, are supposed to tell officers immediately during a traffic stop if they have a gun in the car.

Twice after Officer Harless approached the driver's side of the car, William Bartlett speaks.

Once, he says "I got..." but doesn't finish his thought. The next time, he says, "before I get... I've never had to do this yet" but doesn't finish that thought as the officer asks for his drivers license.

About thirty seconds later, when he's out of the car, Bartlett says "I have a concealed carry."

"You have a gun on you?," Officer Harless asks.

A couple moments later, Harless becomes angry.

"You're supposed to tell me when you have a weapon," he screams.

"I was trying to,.." Bartlett replies.

"You're supposed to say that right off the [...] bat," Harless shouts.

Ohioans for a Concealed Carry say the officer was way out of line.

The advocacy group also says the state's law is a problem.

"The notification law fails everybody," says Philip Mulivor, a coordinator of the group.

Mulivor says Ohio should follow the lead of some other states and require officers to ask if there is a legal gun in the car, rather than requiring the driver to say it first.

Police Chief McKimm calls what he saw on the tape "totally unacceptable."

At one point, Officer Harless yells at Barlett, screaming "[....] talking to me with a [....] gun. You want me to pull mine and stick it in your head?"

"No sir, no sir," Bartlett replies.

Chief McKimm says the conduct on the video "violates standards we demand of our officers."

He says an internal investigation is underway after which a disciplinary hearing will be held.

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