After TARGET Data Breach: There is a Need to target on Web Security

As multinational banks as other financial institutes struggle to protect clients after a massive data breach at retail giant Target, small service companies also should be concerned about their Online Security. Its just not tough enough to be protected in a secure way, as Online Fraud is increasing every year in a more and more faster way.

Between November 27th and December 15th, cybercriminals hurried off with data from 40 million credit and debit card accounts of people who shopped regulary at Target’s 1.924 stores in the United States and in Canada.

So far, at least three class-action lawsuits have been filed.

The U.S. Small Business Administration says cyber threats are an issue for everyone, and small businesses are becoming more common targets for such threats and crimes because they often have fewer preventive or responsive resources, as being or getting protected in a competent way also increases the costs. But Security start with yourself.

The USSBA though offers in its latest online training course some of the Basics in: “What is cybersecurity?”. (See Link at the end of this post beneath)

With the help of technology and best practices, cybersecurity is the effort to pro-tect computers, programs, networks and data from fraudulent Attacks. Or to ask in other words:

Why is cybersecurity important ?


Consider all the information you have that needs to be secure, like personal information for employees, Businesspartner information, sensitive information for consumers, and also sensitive and secret business information.

It’s essential to do your part to keep these details safe and out of the hands of those who could use your data to compromise you and everything surrounding your business.

CNN reported, that nearly half of the data breaches that Verizon has recorded in 2012, took place in companies Staff with less than one thousand. Symantec reports show that 31 % of all Cyberattacks in 2012 happened to businesses that had less than 250 employees. In 2011 Attacks were rising up to 81 percent.

The Methods


The Range of ways getting compromised is Vast. This Range might vary between Web site tampering, data breach, DoS up to Malware and Trojans.

Website tampering is a form of Web-based attack in which certain parameters in the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) or Web page form field data entered by a user are changed without the Webmasters authorization. This finally directs the browser to a link, page or site other than the one the user intended (although it may look exactly the same to the usual client).

Parameter tampering can be employed by Cybercriminals and identity thieves to stealthily obtain personal or business information about the user. Countermeasures specific to the prevention of parameter tampering involve the validation of all parameters to ensure that they conform to standards concerning minimum and maximum allowable length, allowable numeric range, allowable character sequences and patterns, whether or not the parameter is actually required to conduct the transaction in question, and whether or not null is allowed.

A denial-of-service attack DoS happens on a CPU or Web site and locks the computer and/or crashes the system, resulting in stopped or slowed work flow.

Malware code and/or viruses are sent over the Internet and aim to find and send your files, find and delete critical data, or block your computer or system. They can hide in programs or documents and make copies of themselves  without your knowledge.

What Prevention measures YOU should take

The main first step secureing the critical information of your business, is to create a far-reaching firm security policy. Second Step: keep them up-to-date. Third Step: convincing your employees to keep the proprieties according to the policies.

  • Be ensured that your computer hardware and software are updated regularly. 
  • Change passwords periodically and use firewalls to protect your systems. 
  • You should back up your data on a regular basis so that if something is compromised, you have a secure copy.

If interested, the following Link brings you to the Small Business Learning Center at and will take 30 Minutes:

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