Anonymous: In the wake of Edward Snowden - The Strange Case of Barrett Lancaster Brown that noone speaks about...

Dallas freelancer, Barrett Brown, 32, spent already over a year in Federal Prison and awaits trial on
17 charges filed in three indictments including accusations of making threats to a federal agent and posting a hyperlink to "stolen information". His case has gotten widespread attention among groups who believe he’s being unfairly prosecuted. It is said, that on December 25th, 2011, Barrett (who received help by third parties) as the FBI files it:
"knowingly trafficked in more than five authentication features, knowing that such features were stolen and produced without lawful authority. Barrett Brown has transferred a hyperlink from an IRC channel to an IRC channel under his own supervision."

This hyperlink has provided access to data stolen from the Global Intelligence Company, Strategic Forecasting Inc. (better known as Stratfor), which included more than 5 thousand credit card account numbers, the card holders’ identification information and the authentication features for the credit cards, known as the
Card Verification Values (Card Security Code).

By posting that hyperlink, Barrett caused the data to be made available to others online, without the knowledge and/or approval of Stratfor and/or the card proprietors.

Another accusation Brown faces, is that he
(from December 2011 until March 2012) possessed at least 15 unauthorized access devices, in that he possessed stolen (Stolen ?...editor's note) credit card account numbers and CVVs without the knowledge of the card holders as well.

The Dallas native Barrett, who has written for Vanity Fair, The Huffington Post and The Guardian, said in 2011 that 75 names of members of the Zetas drug cartel "Los Zetas", would be released, if a member of the Anonymous group who had been kidnapped was not set free.

On March 6th 2012, after receiving information from Hector Xavier Monsegur (also known by the online pseudonym Sabu), the founder of LulzSec, Barretts living place was ransacked by Federal Agents. His arrest took place on September 12th 2012 after allegedly threatening a Federal Bureau of Investigation agent. Brown, who received a Gag-order is in Federal Custody since then.

As there is still no sentencing date for Brown yet, it has value to think that Brown will be sentenced after the upcoming fate of Edward Snowden, whos Asylum in Russia will end in almost half a year, as Snowden surely is Defcon 5, or Priority Number 1 or simply Enemy of the state #1.

Barrett Brown faces up to 105 years of Prison, according to Democracy Now (See the Video). Browns Mother, Karen McCutchin, although was sentenced early November 2013 to six months on probation for hiding her son’s laptops from federal agents executing a search warrant.

Lets wait and this will turn out.

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