Ronald Oshrin, 50, of Budd Lake, New Jersey
Sentenced to 15 years Federal Prison
for recording children with Hidden Cameras

Ronald Oshrin
A computer consultant from Budd Lake has been sentenced to 15 years in prison for installing hidden cameras in his Morris County home and then using the cameras to secretly record young girls who were nude or undressing. While admitting to his crime in December 2011, Ronald Oshrin, 50, pleaded guilty before U.S. District Judge Joseph H. Rodriguez to production of child pornography. Judge Rodriguez imposed the sentence in federal court in Camden.

Joseph H. Rodriguez
At the time the initial charges were brought in April 2012 against Oshrin – who is married with children – his lawyer said his client had 23 years of experience as a computer consultant with "the veteran's administration." Oshrin has admitted, according to authorities, that between 2007 and April 2012, he installed hidden cameras in a bedroom and a bathroom of his home in order to record nine young girls in various states of undress.

He's also admitted to editing the videos to produce still photographs, authorities say, as well as to distributing videos and the still photographs of the girls over the internet.

In addition, authorities said, Oshrin admitted to having sexual contact with certain minors.

According to an FBI-signed complaint made public in April 2012, agents spoke with Oshrin and he allegedly told them that he "regularly downloads child pornography from various websites on the internet.”

The complaint can be found here (.pdf):,%20Ronald%20Complaint.pdf

In addition, the complaint alleged that “he also regularly distributed child pornography through various methods including direct e-mail and posting on known child pornography sites and file sharing sites.”

The complaint also alleged that "when pre-pubescent girls were in the bathroom or bedroom, (Oshrin) would monitor the cameras and make video recordings of the girls ... disrobing, using the shower or using the toilet.

"Because he installed multiple cameras ... it allowed video production from various angles and allowed him to focus on specific areas of interest," the complaint said.



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