11/21/2013 ! The Internet is Changing Forever...
Will Fraudsters profit from the upcoming revolutionary change ?

Over the next year, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) will introduce over 1000 new, industry-specific Top Level Domains (TLD) to the internet addressing system. The new top-level domain extensions will act as alternative options to .COM or .NET. New domain extensions will be created in many categories including .Brands (.google, .netflix, .gucci), .Cities (.NYC, .London, .Berlin), professions (.doctor, .law, .cpa), interests (.art, .fashion, .cars) and more.

The purpose of is to raise awareness and educate consumers about this revolutionary change to the internet addressing system. Goals are to minimize harm, maximize benefits and help create a smoother transition to a new dot-anything internet environment. The approach is to create an engaging and relatable message to enhance consumer knowledge in the short window of time before new .addresses emerge online.

About New Dot Media

New Dot Media is a Utah, USA company focused on ICANN New Top-Level Domains. New Dot Media principles are to raise awareness, facilitate understanding, minimize confusion, reduce harms, increase benefits, and accelerate adoption and use of New Top Level Domains.

A principle concern for introducing new top-level domains to the world wide web was the potential for consumer confusion and possible harm that may result out of it. Users will be unfamiliar and disorientated with the first new dot-addresses, and will have difficulty identifying and/or recognizing new web addresses as they appear online. There is also an anticipated increase in frequency and variety of methods used by fraudsters that consumers should be on the lookout for.

"The Dot Big Bang is a transformative event that will change how internet users navigate the web and interact with the world around them," states New Dot Media TLD-Vangelist-in Chief Tom 'Not-Com Tom' Gilles. "Our aim is to help make the transition a smooth one."

The approach uses terms and phrasing that most internet users and consumers can relate to and understand today, as opposed to introducing new vocabulary and new views. It is believed this path will assist in reaching the largest audience, and have the most effective bang on user understanding. contains detailed articles explaining aspects of the .address expansion in simple, understandable terms and easy interpretation.

There are also specific user guides tailored specifically for consumers, parents, website owners, small business, professionals and trademark owners. How do you see it.....????? This will make the all complex system of today, more complicated FOR the Future. Some may say later: "Back to the Future"...

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