Popular Leicester pub 'The Globe' forced to close after false
anti-military Facebook rumours: Man arrested !

...nothing more important to investigate ( f.ex.: The 3 Slaved Women who have been rescued ) , you have to question this all alone by yourself.

Detectives investigating an offence of malicious communication have arrested a man in connection with the incident. 
The 20-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of malicious communications against the Globe Public House in Leicester
He has since been released on police bail pending further enquiries. 
In August 2013 police began an investigation after threats were received towards the management at the Globe in Silver Street, Leicester following social media posts claiming the establishment was not allowing military personnel to enter the premises as it was upsetting their customers.
Now this i read a couple of hours ago, and asked myself here, what its all about.

What to the Core is: offence of malicious communication
And what does on suspicion of malicious communications mean

I found out afterwards what its all about:

A popular pub in Leicester was forced to close (in August 2013) amid fears of violent reprisals after its Facebook page was hacked and a message was posted claiming it had banned military personnel.

The false posting, which claimed the pub had enforced the new scheme for fear of upsetting ‘local non British citizens’, was picked up by a nationalist blog and led to the pub being flooded with a storm of allegedly abusive phone calls from people who believed the claim.

The owners of The Globe on Silver Street was forced to shut their doors down on August 17th while security staff were brought in. Leicestershire Police were starting Investigation to an offence of malicious communication.

Everards managing director, Stephen Gould, told the BBC:
"We were placed in a position that throughout the day our staff had to respond to very aggressive people obviously believing that the policy was true.""Ourselves and the manager will have to monitor that very, very carefully over the coming days."
Gould added:
"We have no idea why The Globe was targeted but we will be working with police to find out why this happened."
The pub stated on its Twitter feed:
"The globe has been the victim of a malicious and false news story which states we are no longer servin military personnel. This is false. This pub never has and never will adopt a policy towards the service of either current or ex-military personnel. We understand the delicate nature of this situation and we would sincerely ask for people to stop making threats towards the pub or its staff."
Now, after they arrested a person of interest, i would like to know as well, WHY he did this !

But after the year 2013 will close with all those Leaks, Espionage etc. i guess this could get classified as "TOP SECRET", especially because this Incident was ment against Military Personnel. Lets hope the story continues.

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