The Dark Side of Super Technology - The Human cost of America's deadly Drone Strikes in Pakistan

US drones attacks in Pakistan have killed more than 2000 people. This heartbreaking film bears witness to people in a remote part of Pakistan (Waziristan) near the Afghan border whose lives continue to be shattered by the attacks. "This child was killed in an attack too", says a local journalist as he flicks through photos of drone attack victims. Children's faces emerging from his photographs contradict the assertion that drone attacks only target "suspected terrorists".

                                                     The Wounds of Waziristan  

According to the US Army, all military-age males in a strike zone are counted as terrorists. This idea upsets Karim, who lost his brother and son in a drone attack. "There is no bigger terrorist than Bush or Obama, who drop bombs on our homes." Meanwhile, with several drones flying low over the villages at a time, the constant fear of bombardment and grief is putting an psychological strain on the survivors. "I feel guilty about being alive", confesses Saddam, who lost his sister-in-law and 1-year old niece in a drone attack.

This striking film offers a rare view of the human face of collateral damage.

ORIGIN SOURCE: The Journeyman

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