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How To Control Visits From Referring Bots Such as Vampirestat and Adsensewatchdog ?

Have you ever been annoyed by these sites which increases your visits in your blog and no visits appear in Google Analytics? Or the infamous toolbar ? The anonymous robot visits from Vampirestat or Adsensewatchdog. Neither Adsensewatchdog nor any other of these Bots have anything whatsoever to do with Google or Google AdSense and are simply spam sites that use automated traffic to blogs to attract clicks to their own sites from blog owners such as you.

Stay away. Traffic from these sites won't affect your standing with the real Adsense, so just ignore them.

Follow the next steps to get these bots under contol and to reduce their traffic:
  • Never click on the referred Domain links in your Blog or Webmaster Satistics, or visit their site.
  • Instead make a post (like this one) on your blog, with a negative review. On the long run their reputation will fall down to negative. Reputation is all that makes them lose.
  • Go to Virus Total (you can stay there anonymous), scan the URL of that Malware Domain, and give em a red flag. If you register you can also post your meaning giving a review. On my blog, if you look through deeply enough, there are enough referring Lookup-Domains for getting information (good or bad) upon a suspicious link or Domain.
  • Additionally, you also can submit a SPAM report to Google (Webmastertools) here.
Adsense Watchdog whois info can be found here:

adsensewatchdog also LINKS TO MALICIOUS DOMAIN:
IP: =
Web Reputation: Poor

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