INTERNATIONAL Online Child Predators: The Lost Boy Bulletin Board
(Part 2)

Jeffrey Greenwell
Although the investigators scanned the World Wide Web on a regularly basis, for clues or links that might lead to active child-porn message boards and Pedophiles, this was the very first time they had heard of the group with the Pseudonym "Lost Boy".

At this moment, this unexpected curve came for the investigating crew as a discerning eye. As Woodrow Tracy, one of the confessors, provided to LE his screen name and password, and under the guise of their informant, the investigators builded a profile of the pedophile-network members.

About thirty-six (36) members, on four continents. Online they identified themselves with Screenames like "Bobo," "Undy12" or "Harry Potter" and branded themselves as "boylovers", relating to a Club that Anthony Jasso was a member of

Note, that Justin Lee is (was) a Phoenix-based pediatric anesthesiologist

In the Court documents, is a 45-page federal grand jury indictment included, wich was filed in September 2009 as well as a 41-page sworn affidavit from an Ohio FBI agent. These records list a vast lineup of pornographic images involving young boys, and is described with numbing impersonal details, like:

"One image depicts a nude, prepubescent boy kneeling on a bed with his buttocks in the air exposing his anus, scrotum, and penis. There is semen on his buttocks."

Another image:

"depicts the face of a prepubescent boy bent over a bed and facing down. Behind him, a post-pubescent male appears to be engaging in anal sex with the boy, while holding a revolver pointed at the boy's buttocks."

In a series of seven images:

"depict a minor boy, approximately 12 to 13 years old, with a baseball bat inserted in the boy's anus. Two of the images depict what appears to be the same boy, with a Crayola marker inserted in his anus. In the message, [Lost Boy member] mr bean wrote 'almost baseball season...'."

Most of the boys in the photos were between seven and twelve years old. One even had the Down syndrome.

Among those videos that the Los Angeles Task Force seized, were several that featured an identical opening sequence: an image twirling into focus to reveal the iconic cartoon Great Dane Scooby-Doo, followed by the slogan "Scooby-Doo Productions"

The LE Agents would soon learn that those Scooby-Doos had cropped up in child-porn videos nationwide, but no one was able to trace the videos back to their sources.

In its efforts to evade detection, the group simulated an country club for only selected members. A new Lost Boy Prospect could only join, if proposed by another Forum member. In the order to remain in good standing, all members were enforced to upload new images and videos or post links to them in regular intervals. A extended span of inactivity was taken as a sign that authorities may have blown up a member's account.

Court documents indicate that members believed they were immune to detection. One wrote:

"Some Latin boys for your enjoyment,".

Another one posted: "Have fun and watch out for sticky keyboards, lol,".

In another posting, a member expressed his displeasure for "Asian boys or darker," and "If I had one in my arms, they would just be like tissue paper. Use em and then throw away."

Some other member commented on that "Throw-away"-Post, as followed:
"yeesh why throw them away when you know that me and "flipper," (a Lost Boy member) will gladly take em? (emoticon)" 

Some other member stated on the same thread:
"hey! I am attracted to tissue paper so i don't appreciate your comments. I like the rolled up kind that most people call toilet paper. I saw a roll at the grocery store the other day that looked good to me. It was 100% recycled roll so it wasx (sic) slightly darker than the rest. That turned me on. It was really soft and smooth and had a good personality. I paid a man so I could take it home with me. We played, Xbox, watched some Adam Sandler movies, and then had sweaty sex on the floor. The next day we went into town and i bought it a skateboard."

The 2009 Los Angeles indictment named twelve alleged Lost Boy members (see box above) and charged them with operating a child-exploitation enterprise; conspiracy to advertise, transport, receive, distribute, solicit, and posses child pornography; and interstate transportation of child pornography.

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Steven Martinez, assistant director in charge of the FBI in Los Angeles said something very important to the LOST BOY CASE, so public should be aware what is happening every day around us (IN PLAIN SIGHT):

"The Lost Boy case represents a global subculture that exists for the purpose of trading of child pornography and other tools used to sexually exploit children. The FBI and our partners in Los Angeles and globally will continue to work together to identify these networks and to pursue charges against those who abuse children."

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