INTERNATIONAL Online Child Predators: The Lost Boy Bulletin Board
(Part 4)

Saint Louis Downtown

As the assigned FBI Agent from St. Louis watched a live video stream in a nearby room, Connell sat down in a face-to-face encounter with the fourth grader they were able to identify. As soon as the young boy told her that Jeffrey Greenwell had groped his genitals and photographed the act, the FBI agent called Subke. The agent recalls saying: "I said, 'I got it, Chuck, let's go,'"

Eventually, Subke was prepared for this probability. After providing a search warrant, Subke embarked with his team into the woods of Missouri. The FBI agent as well alerted Brian Mize, asking for the decryption specialist, to come down from Clayton to provide his expertise in collecting evidence.

Jeffrey Greenwell
Less than a day after the school principal pointed out the fourth grader, the Federal Agents and Franklin County Detectives arrived together at Miramiguoa Park. They waited until Greenwell exited his house and drove off. At that particular moment the search team went in.

Purely a preview of what they would discover inside the house, was the Scooby-Doo sticker on the Front door.

Mize descibed it as follows: "The whole place was littered with Scooby-Doo,"  and goes on: "A Scooby-Doo bedspread, a life-size Scooby-Doo blowup doll and numerous Scooby-Doo figurines.".  

 "There was also a small dog in a crate in the living room, happily wagging its tail. The dog's name was 'Scrappy'" Subke recalls.

Scooby-Doo Blowup Doll
Brian Mize's appearance practically screams "Cop" all over the place, face, partly because of his square-edged chin and the short close-cropped haircut. The computer forensics whiz-kid is a Detective on the Chesterfield police force in the second-ring western suburb of St. Louis. When Brian talks about crime-scene analysis, he sounds more like a doctor, which is what he aims laying back in time when he majored in biology. Then his passion fell into Law Enforcement. "We are crime-scene technicians, and our magnifying glass is software, which lets us look for clues,"  Mize sums up.

Mize belongs to the Regional Computer Crimes Education and Enforcement Group (RCCEEG), a task force, launched in 2002 in order to team up the FBI's area cybercrime squad with its counterparts from the U.S. Secret Service and other local law-enforcement agencies. Working as a unit, the group provides technical forensic support to fight computer crimes throughout Missouri and the nation, including those related to child abuse, which is definitely more than just a simple crime !

The FBI seized two PCs from Greenwell's residence, along with numerous external storage devices, two digital cameras and a Sony Handycam video camera, as well as a nest full of DVDs and CDs (these were found by agents in a locked safe). Greenwell's Property Owner later found a third digital camera, wrapped in clothing, while getting rid of his former pedophile occupant's belongings.

A SONY Handycam found with Greenwells belongings

Mize quickly found out that Greenwell had encrypted the hard drive on his main Computer. After working his way past the suspect's safety shields, Mize found around 15.000 still images of child pornography and molestation. Some of the photos included Greenwell and/or other men engaged in sex with those young boys, children.

Greenwell Photoshopped
Many of the pictures were photoshopped in a manner not to reveal the faces of those pedophiles involved in these atrocious acts. In order to identify the victims, Mize had to search for reappearing details, like f.ex. a specific pair of pajamas, birthmarks or scars. The painstaking process of sorting and grouping these images has just begun. If Brian noticed a discarded article of children's clothing in the background of one photo and then spotted it being worn by a boy in another, he'd group the photos together, each in a single category.

With this technique, Mize was able to create a file for each suspected victim. He named these "Series 1" "Series 2" and so forth.

For each series then, he created a "sterilized" non-pornographic image that showed the victims face and any peculiar physical feature that might aid on the road of identification. This workprocess took weeks. After the accomplished Forensic ID-Mission, Mize believed he had identified at least five victims who were raped by Greenwell, and possibly as many as 10.

Investigators finally were able to determine that Greenwell had been molesting and photographing his victims since at least 2003. Most of the pictures were taken in whatever home Greenwell was renting at the time. Other were taken during trips to other towns or tourist attractions.

Meanwhile Investigators in California found out, that some specific area in the Lost Boy forum was assumed, as a work in progress, an on and ongrowing guidebook of suggesting tips, on how to repress boys into a trusting liaison, a process often referred to as "educating" or "grooming".

From every Lost Boy forum member, it was expected to share tips to the handbook, which contained suggestions like, "targeting children from broken homes" or "poverty-stricken conditions" and "going after sons of drug addicts". A member reported that "introverted boys from Latin America's poor broken homes (street kids) are the easiest to handle and for cost per boy ratio they are the cheapest."

The "guidebook" advised "manipulating boys with drugs, alcohol and sleeping pills"

Elsewhere the "guidebook" advised "manipulating boys with drugs, alcohol and sleeping pills"  in order "to lower their self-consciousness" and suggested "molesting them while they're unconscious". Another section on the Bulletin Board offered advice "on ways to move on from victims who have outgrew their charm".

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