MARYLAND Online Child Predators 1995 - 2012:
Matthew David Sluss sentenced to 33 years in prison (Guildsolutions)

Matthew David Sluss aka "guildsolutions" had some time in his life, where he never thought he could be gay, until he endeavoured into the World-Wide-Web when knew for sure he was (gay) - when he has received a picture of a 14 year old boy - right there he was obsessed. He went on collecting these kind of photographes, by encrypting his CPU so that he would never be found. Disastrously for him, he was negligent in his attitude of login information, so finally his pictures were cought.

Matthew David Sluss
In 1995, Sluss was charged in Maryland for possession of child pornography. He was shocked to learn that he gets into trouble by possessing old photographs of naked and molested children that he never had contact with nor didn't even know them. Additionally he was also charged with intent to deliver child pornography as with fourth degree sexual assault. Having reached a plea deal with the prosecutors at the time, he received 18 months on probation and was ordered to obtain counseling and stay away from children.

Eric C. Hagen
Later in his life, Sluss moved to the state of Arkansas (possibly to leave behind his shock and prisonal past) and stayed with some other like-minded pedophile buddy. His dream about starting a new life with the old behaviour, has not turned out as the way he thought it would. But something in some moment provided him with the opportunity to befriend some neighborhood children who were being severely neglected, some common pedophile rationalization. Trying to establish the best he could in Arkansas, he decided to returned home to his native Maryland. Back home he learned, that he was wanted by Law Enforcement in Arkansas for the sexual abuse of those neighborhood children he had befriended, and was arrested and put to jail.

Meantime, Sluss continued to interact with children, even though it was expressly against the conditions of his Maryland conviction for child pornography. Upto that very day, Sluss continued to interact with children, having taken a trip with at least two of them and some other adult pedophile, Eric C. Hagen, aka "Stewedsquirrel" from Aurora, Colorado, in July of 2006, as evidenced by the photo gallery on his former blog - ( - Site is down). It is believed that Sluss and Hagen were roommates in Colorado at the time.

Jim Finn
Matthew Sluss also had another interesting connection to the pedophile world. In addition to the above, he also used to be a friend-of-a-friend of Jim Finn, aka Jimf3. Finn has been arrested for possession of child pornography.

Sluss had been working in the IT profession (he holds an associates degree in computer science from Allegany College of Maryland), he owned an internet hosting service at

Besides the child pornography charges, Sluss was formerly been charged with unlawful possession of a credit card number, being in receipt of a stolen credit card, receipt of a credit card unlawfully, being a fugitive from justice (the Arkansas incident), child abuse by custodian, battery and theft.

On March 12th, 2012, U.S. District Judge Ellen B. Hollander sentenced Matthew Sluss, age 36, of Rawlings, Maryland, to 33 years in prison followed by lifetime supervised release for advertising child pornography through an Internet file sharing program. The sentence was announced by United States Attorney for the District of Maryland Rod J. Rosenstein.

Ellen L. Hollander
“Two prior convictions for sexually abusing children did not deter Matthew Sluss from using the Internet to contact other pedophiles and produce child pornography, so now he will spend most of his remaining years in federal prison where he will pose no danger to children,” said Rosenstein.

According to his plea agreement, Sluss had previously been convicted of two offenses related to the sexual abuse of two minor boys and was required to register as a sex offender.

Sluss was a widespread Internet user of a publicly available peer-to-peer file sharing network and was involved in the advertising and distribution of child pornography. According to his plea, in 2009, the FBI Philadelphia Division began an undercover investigation into a user of a file sharing program, later identified as Sluss, who was sharing more than 115.000 files.

Rod J. Rosenstein
The FBI browsed through the content of the shared files and observed child pornography images and hundreds of videos with titles symbolic to child pornography.

During November and December 2009, the FBI downloaded 108 images and one video that contained visual illustrations of minors engaging in sexually explicit conduct. At that time, Sluss was residing in Denver, Colorado and a search warrant was executed at his home.

Law enforcement seized multiple computers and hard drives from the residence. Sluss advised the agents that he was previously employed as a network administrator, and that he hosted his own mail server and website, so, according to Sluss (seems like a make-believe), all of the data on his computers and hard drives was encrypted to protect the “documents” and prevent anyone without the appropriate password from viewing the files. A forensic review of the computers and hard drives revealed that much of the data was encrypted.

By February 2010, Sluss had moved to his parents’ home in Rawlings, Maryland, and on February 8th, 2010, registered as a sex offender with Maryland’s Sex Offender Registry, as required due to his previous convictions.

In spring and summer 2010, five separate law enforcement officers working in an undercover sting, determined that Sluss was downloading and sharing large amounts of child pornography over a publicly available file sharing program. The FBI’s Baltimore, Buffalo, Miami, and Sacramento Divisions, as well as the Toronto, Canada Police Service, all downloaded child pornography being shared by Sluss over the Internet. Video surveillance was conducted at Sluss’s residence in August and September 2010, during which Sluss was observed sitting at his computer in his bedroom, using the file sharing program and downloading images and videos of child pornography.

On September 15th, 2010, the FBI executed a next warrant at the Sluss home. Just prior to the execution of the warrant, Sluss was observed sitting at his computer in his bedroom using the file sharing program. As agents entered the residence, Sluss attempted to block the agents’ entrance at the kitchen door. As the agents began to enter, Sluss ran towards his bedroom (like a little child), where he was stopped by an agent who entered the residence through Sluss’ bedroom window.

When law enforcement agents viewed Sluss’s computer, the computer was logged onto the file sharing program and investigators were able to view the recent chat history between Sluss and his pedophile socalled “friends” on the file sharing program, as well as to access much of the data on Sluss’s various PCs.

One of the computers wired to Sluss’ bedroom was located in the rear of the crawl space under the first floor of the residence. Investigators were able to view and copy most of the data contained on this computer, which revealed over 25.000 files containing images and video of child pornography. One of the computers in Sluss’s bedroom contained much encrypted volumes.

According to the plea agreement, the file sharing program used by Sluss contains a “chat” feature that allows the user to communicate with others who use the program either through “private” or “public” chats. A review of Sluss’ computer revealed numerous chats from Sluss using the file sharing program in which he encourages the production, transportation, and distribution of child pornography. Specifically, Sluss encouraged his pedophile “friends” to make videos of boys engaged in sexually explicit activity by webcam, and share those videos with Sluss.

For example, in early September 2010, Sluss posted the following messages:

  • “I don’t want teens... But I’m not giving out the private shares unless I get similar back... preteen...”
  • “And again, im looking for stuff that is very recent. im spending HOURS each day... getting boys to go private for me i want the same.”


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