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San Bernardino, CALIFORNIA
(City on the Move)

San Bernardino's colorful history begins in the early years of the 19th century. Spanish missionaries were the first settlers to the region. They chose the fertile valley at the foot of a majestic mountain range as an outpost for other missionaries who traveled throughout the California territory preaching to the various Indian tribes.

Tradition has it that Father Francisco Dumetz made his last trip from Mission San Gabriel to the San Bernardino Valley and on May 20th, 1810, set up an altar in a planned effort to convert the Indians living there. Padre Dumetz named the area "San Bernardino" after Saint Bernardino of Siena, the patron saint of the day on the Catholic Calendar.

In 1819, Mission San Gabriel established Rancho San Bernardino in the area. The main concern of the missionaries was the spiritual welfare of the Indians, but they also took a part in their material well being, showing their peaceful friends how to bring water down from Mill creek and the best ways to plant and irrigate crops. As the mission flourished, so did the Indians.

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The Santa Fe Station and Harvey House in San Bernardino

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