A Lession in Heuristics about the word:
QUESTION BEFORE lession (Let us stay POLI(C)T(i)e) (-ZEI):
How many Bad Beard Bandits are outhere ?
Isn´t it time to get a bit more creative ??
These days ???

There is the one of September last year, the Ohio one, Mister Kenneth J. Horsley from Columbus.

It looks like...Horsley first....

...stumbled over his own Beard or what....

....happened to be looking so bruised....? At least he got captured, some specific day.

Then there is Number 2, the Californian Bad Beard Bandit, Mister Gerardo Orozco Lopez (Oreo Cookie). Half Moon if you want, this year (2014):


    Bad Horse Beard    

    Bad Cookie Beard    

So now there are a few questions that need to be answered (although i do not have the clue, Suggestions are welcomed): How would they have been named (so you can understand the difference), if BBBHorse (1) (Lets keep it short) would not have been captured, and both BBBs would still be(e) on the loose ? Would it be BBB1 & BBB2 ? Or BBBThe realBBB or BBBThe not so(real)BBB ? You see, being surrounded by Obfuscation, makes you think like that: Obfuscated ! Weird, but all so logical. And exactly that is what is happening in the world(s) thinking since 9/11. So, think about it. Its short and also (all so)....hmmmm....Simple ?

Have a nice day ;)

(Bye the way, that FlowerBucket just beside the Bad Beard Bandit....:D.....looks like....French Fries ? Bon Appétit. Folks !

If you KNOW what i mean, or if you do not, check this following Video by VADER ABRAHAM. Maybe then (but only then may May be by May 1st), you understand the Word OBUSCATED more Properly.

Its just all about...Surveillance (and Creativity) ;)

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