Edward Snowden ! And Nothing Else !? What makes me think about the Leak(s) and the "official" YouTube Video from the Guardian

What makes me think about Edward Snowden ? When i recently watched the "official" Guardian LEAK-YT Video, that was lanced in June 2013 through Glenn Greenwald & Laura Poitras.

Take a first look, that i took a second one TODAY, and took this SS (Screenshot, not SurmStaffel) right before i started this Post. Therefor you should take one as well as soon you look to the VID (in case you didnt (long before)). The Video @:

So, now as you have took it,  (the look), you can see (for the moment) at least, almost 76.000 Views. Through the ScreenShot, i posted, it is exactly (at THAT Moment) 75.725 Clicks on the internal, everBLASTING Leak that will go down in History (maybe (possibly) not through YT, but in History-E-Books, or on Paper ! However; Ed Snowden (o Yeah, my Father has the same (Pre)name: (Maybe i am a Target now ?).

ONLY 75.725 Clickson that (this) LEAK ??? Is just unbelievable !!!!! Why ?

Because, Edward Snowdens compromising LEAK changed (and will still do throughout Decades) the World !

G. Greenwald (the main HS (Homeland Security Target, he will never BE)) works for the GUARDIAN. And now let us ask ourselves: Since June LAST Year (2013), the Video has only been seen 75.725 times ? ONLY ?

You understand what i Mean ? Yes. No. However, someday you will understand (or ment to being understood)....

After almost a year, the Video should have SEVERAL Million Views: Or is this Video more unimportant than the Leak-Video in Hong Kong (King Kong) ?


 From 2007: 7 Years. So: 75.725 * 7 = 530.075

However. The YT Video of Snowden is Manipulated.......???????

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